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Connecting Substations with Cellular Webinar

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Substation & Cellular Connectivity Webinar

How Cellular Connectivity Cuts Costs and Boosts Uptime

This webinar assesses the value of using cellular communication to connect remote terminal units in energy distribution networks

Within any energy distribution system operator’s service territory there will be challenging sites for connecting remote terminal units (RTUs) to the network. Whether in areas of high urban density or wide rural spread, boosting the reliability and uptime of edge devices is a common goal for distribution engineers.

This webinar will examine communication technologies and products, researched and developed by MultiTech and deployed in the field by UK system integrator Cherry & White. Your presenters will introduce MultiTech’s products, such as the MTR5 cellular router, in the context of a UK energy distribution network operator’s deployment.

Cherry & White Cellular Webinar App Diagram

The case study will cover the problem the distribution company was trying to solve and how the technology provided the solution.

You can expect to learn topline benefits of this technology – such as the cost benefits of tapping into existing cellular networks – as well as technical features like reboot functionality preventing the need for engineer visits, plug-and-play features reducing installation time, and interoperability with different RTUs.

Please visit our wireless website for more details about our cellular products

If you are interested in viewing our webinar, follow the link below to book your place.



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