Cable Management

6 Segment Fibre Management Spool Datasheet6 Segment Fibre Spool

The Cherry & White Speedway bend radius spool with its unrivalled ease of use and flexibility. Designed to accommodate a number of cable diameters up to 3mm. This incredibly versatile accessory allows the installer to use the complete unit for fibre storage or break it down into up to 6 individual components suitable for fibre management/routing.



Speedway Fibre Splicing Tray DatasheetSpeedway Fibre Optic Splicing Tray

The Cherry & White Speedway splice tray with unrivalled ease of use and flexibility. Featuring a unique external fibre pathway and pivoting splice holder arrangement this tray redefines the concept of splice management, combining fibre management and splicing control in one product. Due to its accommodating internal dimensions the Speedway splice tray is able to comfortably hold 24 splices with either heat shrink or crimp German style splice protectors with up to 900μm buffered fibres.



Fibre Splicing Tray Kit DatasheetFibre Optic Splicing Tray

Cherry & White offers a splice tray kit that that provides protection for up to 24 splices. The kit includes a splice tray, lid and splice holders (either heat shrink or crimp type). The tray ensures the minimum bend radius is protected and has multiple cable entry points.



1U Management Bar Datasheet1U Management Bar

The 1U cable management bar is 19″ rack mountable with an integrated brush strip which gives the ability to pass patch cords to the rear of cabinets without affecting the airflow.