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Network Switches

New 10 GigE PWE3 Pseudowire Card for DM4000,

Datacom have finish the development of the new cutting edge PWE3 card for the DM4000 modular switch range.

PWE3 ETH16GX+2x10GX+4STM1 H Series

Interface card with 16-port Gigabit Ethernet, 2-port 10Gbit/s Ethernet plus 4-port STM-1 SFP for DM4000 Switches. It is compatible with the 1, 4 and 8-slot chassis version, and switch fabric of MPU384/MPU512/MPU960. It has a standalone bandwidth of 32Gbit/s, with 16 Gigabit SFP ports (100/1000Base-X or SGMII), two 10 Gigabit XFP ports and 4 STM-1 channeled optical ports. Card equipped to offer PWE3 TDM and ATM(1). It supports IEEE 1588-2008 (v2). As an option, it is capable of supporting MPLS LER/LSR/VPN. SFP and XFP Modules are sold separately.

DM4000-PWE3-ETH16GX+2x10GX+4STM1 Pseudowire Card


New Equipment By Cherry & White

Cherry & White Have just finished designing, manufacturing and testing a new Fibre Optic Modem and Chassis.

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Cherry & White are supplying and supporting the LoRa technology in the form of the mDot & MultiConnect Conduit.

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