FOC-TGTX-USFP GigE SFP Media Converter

FOC-TGTX-USF GigE SFP Media ConverterThe FOC-TGTX-USFP is a universal powerful automatic media converter to interconnect copper and fiber Ethernet, Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet equipment from any vendor or to transport long distance Ethernet over optical fibre.


The FOC-TGTX is a universal media converter Ethernet media converter that operates at 10/100/1000Baset copper to 100FX / 1000GSX/GLX Optical fibre. The optics are available with modular SFP’s or fixed.

The FOC-TGTX- FX/GLX or FOC-TGTX- USFP with dual rate SFP GE/FE, automatically detects the rate of the copper & fibre links, it will then adjust the rate of both medias to the maximum possible rate.

The FOC media converter range is also compatible with the Rack Media 16 rack system, which provides power for to up to 16 media converters in a convenient 2U chassis.

Rack Media 16 Media Coverter Chassis


FOC-TGTX-USF GigE SFP Media Converter