CV 200 TTX Ethernet To E1 Converter

CV200 Managed Media ConverterThe CV-200 is a manageable 10/100 Base-T Ethernet bridge that connects to a G704 network termination in E1 – 2,048 Mbps or T1 – 1,544 Mbps. The CV-200 is an efficient and cost effective Ethernet bridge which can be used to connect two enterprise LAN’s over an E1 or T1 network. The CV-200 provides all features and rate conversion capability of a complete CSU-DSU, with an E1 and T1 network interface, and both Nx64 and Nx56 K conversion. The Ethernet bridge provides a lot of advantages such as high performance, protocol transparency, ease of installation and configuration, data compression.

CV200-TTX Datasheet


CV200 Ethernet to E1 converter

CV-200-TTX Ethernet to E1 coverter