CV E3T3 Ethernet Bridge

CVE3T3 Coax Ethernet ConverterThe CV-E3T3 is an Ethernet bridge with an E3 – 34.368 Mb and T3 – 44.736 Mbps interface. It transports Ethernet traffic over a point to point, or a carrier network in an E3 or T3 trunk.


CVE3T3 Datasheet

The CV-E3T3 transports Ethernet traffic over an E3 or T3 link or network. The link is transparent to the Ethernet traffic and the upper protocols. Operation is very quick and easy. The remote end might be equipped with another CV-E3T3, also with a pair of FO-E3T3 fibre optic modems can be used if the E3/T3 network access point was far from the Ethernet network.


CV E3T3 Ethernet Bridge

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