XM M16E1T1 4TTX Ethernet Over E1 Multiplexer

XM M16E1T1 4TTX MultiplexerThis equipment is used to distribute IP/Ethernet or Internet access over multiple E1/T1 links. The n E1/T1 can be transported by Microwave or SDH or PDH networks. The XM-M16E1 is an very efficient tool to deploy small DSLAM in a low density area over long distance traditional Microwave. The XM-M16E1 is an automatic system, bounding up to 16E1 to transport over Ethernet between two nodes or multiple node. This Plug and Play solution provide a better bandwidth, better latency and lower cost solution than routing and bridging system.

XM-M16E1T1-4TTX Datasheet


  • Ethernet transport over 4 to 16 E1 G703 or G704
  • Point to point over 16E1 or 16T1
  • Selection E1 or T1 per software
  • Or up to 16 independent links of n E1/T1, with a maxi throughput of 16E1/T1
  • EoPDH using GFP with VCATLCAS bounding or PPP without LCP.
  • Ethernet rate of n x 1980Mbps (n=1 at 16)
  • Automatic reconfiguration when E1/T1 is disappeared or is restored without interruption of Ethernet link
  • Max delay accepted between E1/T1 up to 217ms
  • Ethernet conversion transparent to VLAN
  • 4 x 10/100BaseT or
  • 3 x 10/100BaseT plus 1 SFP for 100FX or
  • 3 x 10/100BaseT plus 2 Combo 10/100/1000 & SFP for 1000SX or LX
  • Module 4E1/T1 RJ45
  • Module 4E1/T1 DB25 and cable to RJ45 or BNC
  • Module 4E1 75ohms mini BNC
  • 1 or 2 modular power supply AC or DC48 or DC24 Volt
  • Local and In Band management with Telnet and SNMP with CXR-view


XM-M16E1T1-4TTX Application Point To Point

XM-M16E1T1-4TTX Application Point To Multi-Point

XM-M16E1T1-4TTX Application TDM Over Ethernet