XM-SW16E1-2TG Ethernet Over E1 Bridging Multiplexer

XM-SW16E1 Bridging Inverse MuxThe XM-SW16E1-2TGTX is an Ethernet inverse multiplexer that provides connectivity from 10/100/1000BaseT LAN to LAN over multiple E1 links up to 16. The XM-SW16E1-2TGTX can be used with hops of multiple E1’s in a ring to distribute Ethernet with a fast protection based on E1 events. This hops of parallel E1’s are generally microwave radio or G.SHDSL in parallel.

The XM-SW16E1-2TGTX is also a switch of EoPDH, a solution to concentrate Ethernet links of single E1, in HDLC or PPP or GFP/VCAT, or 4/8 E1’s in HDLC or GFP/VCAT with LCAS protocol. This configuration is generally used to deploy Ethernet distribution networks, with Q-in-Q services, for Telco’s or large organisation that have TDM/E1 infrastructure.

XM-SW16E1-2TG Datasheet


XM-SW16E1 Bridging Inverse Multiplexer