XM-SW2STM1-2CB Ethernet Over PDH Over SDH

XM-SW2STM1-2CB EoPDHoSDH Bridging MuxThe XM-SW2STM1-2CB is an Ethernet inverse multiplexer that provides connectivity from GE copper or fiber LAN to LAN over up to 63 E1 in parallel. The XM-SW2STM1-2CB is mainly used as a switch with 2 uplink Combo GE with SFP and up to 63E1 EoPDH mapped in a STM1.

This configuration is particularly used to deploy IP-DSLAM, WiMAX BTS, Ethernet distribution networks, with Q-in-Q services in Telco’s or large organisations with TDM/E1 infrastructure. This xE1 links are delivered to the XM-SW2STM1-2CB over one or two STM1 in a ring or with MSP 1+1 protection.

XM-SW2STM1-2CB Datasheet


XM-SW2STM1-2CB EoPDHoSDH Bridging Mux