SWM-8VDPW-2CB VDSL POL Concentrating Switch

TSWM-8VDPW-2CB VDSL POL Concentratorhe SWM-8VDPW-2CB is a concentration solution for Ethernet deployment over twisted copper pair, using Power over Line VDSL2 technology. The SWM-8VDPW-2CB provides up to 100Mbps at 300m and can be used at distances of up to 1.2km.

This Layer 2 concentrator Ethernet switch can power-feed the remote CPE device over the VDSL lines using POL (Power Over the Line). In turn the remote device can then provide Ethernet POE ports to power feed Ethernet devices.

SWM-8VDPW-2CB Datasheet


Twisted copper pair transmission on AWG24 Diameter 0.5mm

Asym Aysm Sym Sym
Distance (M) Up Stream (Mbps) Down Stream (Mbps) Up Stream (Mbps) Down Stream (Mbps) PoE For 4 Ports
300 65 100 100 100 30W
400 45 95 70 70 20W
600 30 65 45 45 15W
800 10 45 27 27 7W
1000 6 35 18 18 5W
1200 1 20 8 8 4W

PoE power available to share at the remote sites.

SWM-8VDPW-2CB Power over Line Graph


SWM-8VDPW-2CB Application POL & POE VDDCoax