DM2290 SHDSL EFM Modem

DM2290 SHDSL EFM ModemThe DM2290 SHDSL EFM is a G.SHDSL EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) modem that operates with a data rate up to 22.8Mbit/s. It is compliant to IEEE 802.3. It offers Ethernet solutions over copper pairs, transparently transporting traffic, simplifying network operations, reducing implementation costs and improving service levels. It also offers up to 4-pair bonding to increase rate and reach for a DSL service.

DM2290 Datasheet

The DM2290 transports Ethernet packets over a copper pair network at up to 22.8Mbit/s when operating with 4 pairs bonding. It is configurable at steps of 64kbit/s, allowing flexibility and reach improvement as costumer needs.

The bonding configuration allows higher rates and greater reach in addition to, in case of failure of one pair, the connection remains active through the remaining pairs.

Offers traffic separation in VLANs, which can be used for triple play services.

Offers security features as user authentication through TACACS and intrusions log with SYSLOG.

Local management with RS-232 port with an RJ45 connector.

Remote management with SSH and Telnet. Allows management VLAN configuration.

Allows local and remote equipment firmware update.

It can operate as CO (Central Office) or CPE (Customer Premises Equipment).

The DM2290 desktop chassis measures 195x200x44mm (WxDxH), with an 100 to 240VAC power supply and 50 to 60Hz operation frequency.


  • Operates at variable rates ranging from 192kbit/s to 5.696kbit/s per pair. When operating at 4-pair bonding it can reach up to 22.8Mbit/s rate.
  • Has up to 4 Fast Ethernet 10/100BaseT interfaces featuring MDI/MDIX compliant to IEEE 802.3.
  • Supports VLANs and VLAN trunking compliant to IEEE 802.1Q.
  • AAA – Authentication, Authorization e Accounting with Local Authentication or TACACS.
  • Local and Remote Syslog.
  • Allows clock (time) synchronization of the equipment through NTP.
  • It is entirely manageable through an RS-232 port with an RJ45 connector.
  • Allows management through SSH and Telnet, using the Fast Ethernet port (LAN interface) or the G.SHDSL port (WAN interface).
  • QoS with packet marking and classification. Offers also rate-limiting and traffic-shaping.
  • SNMPv1 and SNMPv2.


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