GP250 Series GPON ONT – Optical Network Terminal

GP250 GPON ONT - Optical Network TerminalGP250 series ONT’s are GPON network access devices that provide users with high bandwidth Tripple Play Internet / Voice / Video services. Four products make a complete range of solutions with a choice of Ethernet ports, Wi-Fi, VoIP and CATV options. GP250 ONT’s are totally plug-and-play. They connect automatically to GP2500 OLT without any setting requirement. GP250 ONT are fully controlled by the GP2500 OLT.


GP250 Datasheet


The GP250 series are new generation smart ONT with 1 or 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 802.11N or 11AC wifi, VoIP and CATV interfaces to support Triple-Play services. They comply with the latest ITU-T G.984/988 standards for GPON Access Technology Requirements.

  • Excellent Access Capacity – ONTUs support the GPON transmission rate of Downlink/Uplink 2.5/1.25Gbps. Connected with GP2500 OLT, they can realize 1:128 splitting ratio. The fibber link may reach up to 20km.
  • Secure Services – The OLT and ONT products embed a complete set of VLAN, STP, port isolation, ACL, QoS and Broadcast Storm Control functionalities to ensure secured and robust services to GPON users.
  • High Service Control Capability – The ONT support Rate-Limiting, advanced dynamic bandwidth distribution and accurate bandwidth limit, which provides users with the best quality of experience in best sharing the 2.5 Gbps resources.
  • Rich OMCI functions – The GPON solutions support the latest OMCI functions defined by the ITU-T G.988 standard, including configuration, alarm, performance monitoring, fault isolation and security management, but also specific innovative management features.