DM1200 Series 1GE/10GE Ethernet Switch

TDM1200 Series 1GE/10GE Ethernet Switchhe DM1200E Series switches are designed to offer a Gigabit Ethernet wire speed solution to meet the growing bandwidth demand in corporative network applications. Composed by different models in fixed configuration to be installed in 19-inch racks, enables the creation of low cost networks with high traffic capacity.

DM1200E Datasheet

The DM1200E Series switches provides an internal switching capacity of 136Gbit/s with all L2 packet switching and L3 static routing implemented at hardware level in wire speed, ensuring low latency in data switching without traffic blocking. The filter features are also performed in hardware, not affecting the CPU performance or packet forwarding.


  • Wire Speed: L2 and L3 packet switching uses a switch fabric of 136Gbit/s and a forwarding rate of 101.6 million packets per second.
  • Stackable: Up to 4 units.
  • Advanced QoS Capabilities up to 7 queues per port, classifying the traffic by IEEE802.1p and DSCP.
  • Simultaneous configuration of 255 VLANs with up to 4,093 VLAN IDs
  • Protection Mechanisms: STP, RSTP & MSTP.
  • User authentication and accounting via RADIUS and TACACS+


DM1200 Ethernet Switch