SW3E/L-24FSF-2GSF-2UCB Layer 3 Fibre FE Industrial Router

TSW3E/L-24FSF-2GSF-2UCB Layer 3 FE Copper Switchhe SW3L/SW3E-24FSF-2GSF-2UCB switch is a kind of new generation carrier-grade intelligent routing Ethernet switch with 24 port SFP 100FX, 2 SFP 1000FX and 2 universal Combo ports 10/100/1000Baset & SFP for 100FX or 1000FX, this switch fits into operator’s demand of multi-service access. SW3L/SW3E features strong layer-2/layer-3 protocols, auto-switching protection, selective Q-in-Q, multicast, advanced QoS, high security and great support for Ethernet OAM, MEF in network management. This series of switch plays a vital role in different network applications, including Metro network, residential area, enterprise, campus, industries etc., in a cost effective way.

SW3E/L-24FSF-2GSF-2UCB Datasheet

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