LS / LT Range GSM Data loggers

GSM Data Loggers LS Range Developed to meet the specific requirements of installation in underground meter chambers, the SOFREL LS & LT range of GSM Data loggers are an innovative and efficient solution for monitoring drinking water distribution networks. Watertight, battery-operated, able to communicate via GSM or GPRS and easy to install, the LS range devices offer features for the following applications:

  • Leakage detection,
  • Remote meter reading,
  • Pressure monitoring,
  • Monitoring of «major consumer» customers.

LS /LT Range GSM Data loggers Datasheet

Meterings and flows

When connected to meters or flowmeters positioned at strategic points of the water network, SOFREL LS provides information concerning the behavior of each monitored zone. Metering index recording and average flow rate calculations are performed at a user-defined frequency.


In addition to metering, network management may require pressure monitoring. Thus, the LS42 version possesses 2 optional analog inputs (AI) that can be used to connect 4-20 mA sensors that are directly powered by the LS. Measurements are acquired and saved at a user-defined frequency.


  • Leakage detection,
  • Remote meter reading,
  • Pressure monitoring,
  • Monitoring of «major consumer» customers.

Water Level & Pressure Sensors

This range of sensors meets the most demanding of needs when it comes to water levels and pressure, and purification. Both robust and precise, they are specially designed to work best with facilities equipped with the Remote Terminal Units.

Water & Pressure Sensors Datasheet

The CNP’s range includes three models:

  • CNPI : underwater sensor for measuring drinking water levels in reservoirs, boreholes, etc
  • CNPR: connectable sensor for measuring pressure in piping.
  • CNPA: underwater sensor for specialised purification or charged water for measuring level in lift station tanks or retention basins.

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