Network Management Systems

We can offer a range of Network Management Systems (NMS) such as Castle Rock SNMPc, CXRView, CXRView Plus, Intelligent Network Management System (iNMS), DMView, OPC and PCWin2 these have various abilities and applications.  Please see below for more details.

DmView NMS

CXRView Datasheet

CXRView Plus, Element Network Management Systems, is a software product that provides a GUI (graphical user interface) for the management of a communications network containing CXR Mux products for addition of a database management. CXRView plus runs on PC/Windows 2003/XP/2000 using a low-cost and popular platform which are scaleable to 1,000 network elements.

DMView Datasheet

DmView is a management system developed to manage and configure DATACOM devices; allowing fault, configuration, performance, security and administration procedures. The system can be integrated to other vendors management’s software or can operate independent. It is also possible to use different management architectures, from field operation (via notebook) to a centralized project, with redundant servers and multiple access consoles.

CXR-iNMS Datasheet

CXR-iNMS, Integrated Network Management System, is a set of intelligent software programs used for providing a GUI (graphical user interface) and management of circuits, alarms of a Communications Network which is using CXR SDH/PDH equipment.  This equipment can be categorized into 3 groups:

  • Access Network with TDM/PDH Multiplexer DACS: QX3440; QX3440S, QX3440-D, IX4100, IX4200-9
  • Transmission Network with optical SDH/ SONET ADM Multiplex: HX9100, HX9400S, HX9400R, HX9416R, HX9500R;
  • IP/Ethernet interfaces.

OPC Datasheet

OPC (OLE for Process Control) is the protocol for data exchange between industrial software in a Windows environment. It is a standard software interface providing genuine communication openness thanks to the interoperability of the different manufacturers’ hardware. The OPC standard thus frees users from the obstacles imposed by proprietary protocols.

PCWin2 Datasheet

The SOFREL PCWin2 software provides the optimized solution for remote monitoring and management of SOFREL LS data loggers. Installed at various points in the drinking water network, the LS data loggers transmit their data to the PCWin2 SCADA central station in order to detect leaks using meter reading and flow rate analysis.