FO 4E1T1 Fibre Optic Modem

FO4E1T1 Fibre Optic Modem & MultiplexerThe FO 4E1T1 is a fibre optic modem that multiplexes 4x E1 or T1 and 2x Ethernet 10/100BaseT interfaces. The FO4E1T1 is a fibre optic multiplexer of 4x E1, 2 Mbps G703 or 4x T1, 1.544 Mbps interfaces, and an Ethernet / IP traffic. This fibre optic modem transports the 4x E1/T1 interfaces with a full clock transparency and independence with a minimum excursion of 200 ppm. It is aimed at connected PBX, Base Stations, ISDN T2, and any E1/T1 based equipment.

FO 4E1T1 Datasheet


FO-4E1T1 Fibre Optic Modem

This product is a viable replacement for the Probot 3004 Fibre Optic Modem