FO-E1E2 Fibre Optic Modem

FOE1E2 Fibre Optic Modem DesktopFOE1E2 Fibre Optic Modem Rack Card fo AMS 4 / 16FO-E1E2 is a fibre modem for Telco or enterprise, which carries transparently over a fibre optic link, an E1 G703 2Mbps or G704, voice or data, PSTN, ISDN to interconnect PBX, PDH / SDH nodes. This device can also carry old G703 E2 8Mbps links front of Satellites or Microwave radio; or face to the co-directional V.11 FO-SECD for military applications.

FO-E1E2 Datasheet


FOE1E2 Fibre Optic Modem
FO-E1E2 - FO-SECD Fibre Optic Modem