CVSerial Serial Data to E1 converter

The CVSERIAL is a high integration and cost effective interface adapter which CVSerial Data to E1 Converterconverts an unstructured or structured RS530, RS232, V.11, X.21, V.35 data interface to an E1 or T1 interface, operating in clear channel mode or a fractional N x 64K or Nx56K (T1) in framed mode.

CVSerial Datasheet


  • CV-SE11 – X21/V11 To E1/T1
  • CV-SE35 – V35 To E1/T1
  • CV-SE28 – V28 To E1/T1


The CV-SERIAL is used to connect an RS530, X21, V35 or V36 router to an G703 /G704 2Mits carrier service with full bandwidth and clock controls.


CVSerial App Diagram

The CV-SE28 is used to extend RS232 links over PDH and SDH links. Using one or two TS the E1 link can be shared with other traffic like voice or Ethernet.CVSerial App Diagram 2