MD 4000 G.SHDSL Modem

MD4000 G.SHDSL ModemMD-4000 is a new generation of modems for the local loop extension, the transport of legacy telecom interfaces (RS530/X21/V35/V28, E1/T1, RNIS BRi), and the transport of Ethernet local area network. MD-4000 embeds the more recent G.SHDSL technologies that have been approved by ITU and ETSI for multi-rate digital transmission over the copper local loop. The G.SHDSL mode allows data transmission on multi pair cables which can carry other services such as voice or ADSL.

MD4000 Datasheet


  • MD42xx – 2 wire
  • MD44xx – 4 wire
  • MD42ET / MD44ET – G.703 / G.704
  • MD4230 / MD4430 – RS530 / X.21 / V35 / V28
  • MD42FT / MD44FT – Ethernet
  • MD 424B / MD444B – ISDN / BRI


MD4xFT Ethernet to DSL modemMD4xET E1 to DSL ModemMD4x30 X21 to DSL modemMD4xET - MD4x30 E1 & X21 G.SHDSL Modem