Q-Flex Dual Band Sat Modem

Q-Flex Dual Band Satellite ModemThe Q-Flex modem embodies a new concept in satellite modem technology – a flexible software defined modem that does what you want, now and in the future.

The Q-Flex modem’s flexible hardware platform provides IF and L band operation in one unit. While its powerful processor makes it ideal for handling IP traffic, the Q-Flex modem can be fitted with virtually any type of terrestrial interface and will operate at data rates up to 155Mbps.

Q-Flex Datasheet


  • Dual IF/L band operation
  • Data rates to 155Mbps
  • XStream IP is an integrated suite of advanced IP optimization & traffic management features including TCP acceleration, header & payload compression, dynamic routing, traffic shaping, encryption &¬†ACM
  • DVB-S2X, fastlink, LDPC & TPC
  • terrestrial interfaced include Ethernet & optical Ethernet, EIA-530, G.703, ASI, OC-3 & STM-1
  • Optimised spectral roll-offs including 5%
  • paired carrier, carrier overlay
  • linkguard signal-under-carrier interface detection
  • built in spectrum & constellation monitors
  • DVB-S2X
  • DVB carrier ID! fully compliant with DVB-CID standard
  • Secure AAA RADIUS login using you normal company network login credentials.

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