PDH Multiplexers

Local Multiplexers – Small desktop units with a low number of interfaces, these kind of multiplexer can be placed at the remote ends of a network where only a few services are required.

Multiservice Multiplexers – Large modular based access multiplexers that allows the aggregation of multiple service in to PDH, SDH or Ethernet carriers such as E1 / E3 / xDSL / STM1 / IP, these links  can then be integrated in to a much larger core network.

Fibre Optic Multiplexers – These units are designed to transporting multiple E1/T1, voice, Ethernet  and Data over a E3 34/45M data stream, in a point to point, point to multipoint, or ring topology. These multiplexers can also be used as inverse an mux which will carry Ethernet over a PDH network.