DM16E1 Optical PDH Multiplexer

DM4E1 Optical PDH MultiplexerThe DM16E1 is a PDH multiplexer in conformity with G.751 and G.742 standards. It multiplexes E1 channels, Ethernet, V.11 and E3 in optical or electrical 34M beams.

DM16E1 Datasheet

  • Physically comprised of a basic unit for 19” 1,5U-high rack assembly.
  • Optical aggregates for multimode or single mode fibre, with one or two fibres. G.703-compliant electrical aggregates. The DM16E1 E3 cards are compatible with the DM4E1, allowing you to have fewer different cards in stock.
  • Aggregates with bidirectional fibre, which optimizes the use of the installed fibres.
  • Quick configuration menu for key SNMP management parameters in just one screen.
  • Optional aggregate link backup, allowing hot swap. Features two aggregate slots, which allow it to be used with or without redundancy, depending on the application.
  • Automatic laser turnoff when the aggregate is in LOS, increasing safety for the installation and maintenance of optical links.
  • Redundant power supply with a secondary power supply unit (FAL). Supports hot swap. The FAL model is the same for both AC and DC power supply.
  • Generation of alarms selectable per ports. Features three external alarm inputs and an alarm output with NA/NF contact.
  • 16 E1 G.703 (DM16E1) tributaries in 75ohms (IEC169/13 or BNC) and 120ohms (RJ45).
  • 1 V.11 interface that can operate at Nx64kbit/s rates.
  • Test loops activated locally or remotely. BERT for the V.11 interface.
  • Indication LEDs for the aggregate status, E1 tributary status. Power supply, Ethernet link, service channel, equipment test or alarm.


  • Mixed-ring operations with DM16E1 and DM4E1, sharing the same E3 link, reducing costs in the centralized and distributed system implementation.
  • Flexible tributary mapping allowing configuring tributaries in any E3 aggregate position.
  • Optional VLAN-compatible Ethernet Remote Bridge 10/100BaseT interface, which allows the equipment to be used as end-to-end Inverse Multiplexer, for ring operation or E1 (G.703) interface outputs.
  • Optional internal electric E3 interface, which allows the redundant transmission of an electric E3 link in optical aggregates (optical modem) or the input of a ring electric E3 comprised of the DM16E1 or DM4E1 equipment.
  • Internal router with two WAN interfaces (WAN1:DMLAN, WAN2:PPP/Frame Relay) and one Ethernet (10BaseT) allowing SNMP management or remote software upgrade, in addition to IP address to equipment from other manufacturers.
  • Configurable operation topology, which allows the use as end-to-end, ring, line, optical modem or interface regenerator/converter.
  • Service channel through a regular telephone (optional).
  • SNMP or VT100 terminal remote management, allowing for the configuration, status verification and test activation.


DM4E1 Application Ring Topology Over Fibre Or Microwave

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DM4E1 Application Ring Topology Over Fibre Or Microwave
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