DM4E1S Slim Optical Multiplexer

DM4E1S Slim Optical PDH MultiplexerThe DM4E1S is an optical modem with solutions for end-to-end communications and capable of simultaneously connecting up to 4 independent aggregates. Also capable of connecting up to 6 tributaries of up to 2,048kbit/s, directing them to any of the available aggregate positions.

DM4E1S Data sheet

  • Aggregates with bidirectional fibre, which optimizes the use of the installed fibres.
  • Automatic laser turnoff when the aggregate is in LOS, increasing safety for the installation and maintenance of optical links.
  • Generation of alarms selectable per ports. Features two external alarm inputs and one alarm output in relay as an NA/NF option.
  • Up to 4 optical interfaces with multimode or single mode fibre options, with one or two fibres. Available with 1, 2 or 4 optical interfaces.
  • 4 E1 G.703 tributaries at 2,048kbit/s, with configurable impedance of 75ohms or 120ohms.
  • 2 V.11 interfaces (V.35 compatible), capable of operating at Nx64kbit/s rates.
  • 1 V.28 interface for asynchronous operations of up to 115,200bit/s.
  • Test loops activated locally or remotely.
  • Aggregate error control, with failure rates, synchronicity loss and Loss of Optical Signal (LOS) control.
  • LED indicators for alarms, test and power supply tension.
  • Software downloads via terminal, allowing for field updates for both local and remote equipment.


  • End-to-end operations with up to 4 independent aggregate channels, reducing costs in the implementation of centralized and distributed systems.
  • Flexible tributary mapping allowing configuring tributaries in any aggregate position
  • Telebrás Slim subrack standard or compatible desktop enclosure.
  • Up to 4 optical interfaces, 4 E1 tributaries, 2 V.11 (V.35 compatible) interfaces and 1 V.28 interface.
  • Aggregate link backup, which can be used as 1+1 redundancy with independent aggregates depending on the application (with 2 or 4 optical interfaces).
  • Single E1 aggregate, which allows the transmission of an electrical tributary link for the optical interfaces at 2.048kbit/s (DM705 compatible). Works both for E1 and V.11/V.35 tributaries.
  • Configurable operation topology, which allows the use of independent aggregates, channel redundancy (1+1) and Single E1 simultaneously.
  • Remote equipment management through the aggregate link (In-band management), without interfering in the data transmission.
  • Slim card compatible with subrack for modem and can be managed by a DMG20 management card, VT100 terminal or remote equipment, allowing for the configuration of status and activation of tests.


DM4E1S Application