DM706C-R24 E1 Multiplexer And Router

DM706C-R24 Multiplexer And RouterThe DM706C MiniMux R24 is an E1 multiplexer with 1 E1 interface port, 4 V.35 – V.36/V.11 – V.28 interface ports, 1 LAN Ethernet port and 24 WAN ports. The WAN ports can be both PPP and Frame Relay, ANSI or ITU. Routes and gateways can be configured manually and RIP v1 and v2 protocols can also be enabled. An E1 port and 4 FXS ports can be added.

DM706C-R24 Datasheet

Allows for operations with transparent channel (not structured by G.704), when operating with 2 ports, at 2,048kbit/s.

Desktop modem (175x238x43mm), with 93-253VAC or 36-72VDC automatic power supply. Can also be assembled in 19” racks, occupying 1U height, using an optional mechanic adapter.

Features a number of tools to analyse links, making it possible to activate loop tests and BERT, in which a signal pattern is sent and its reply is analysed to check link continuity. Tests are independent to each interface.

The front panel contains light indicators that show the current port status, Ethernet links, alarm, test and power supply status. In addition to the light indicators there is an external alarm input and a serial RS232 port for management.

Local management is performed by a serial RS232 interface, available through a DB9 female connector, using a terminal or VT100 emulator. From the terminal it is possible to configure, see status and generate tests for local and remote equipment.

Software upgrade is made via FTP download of new firmware.


  • The equipment features an internal router, which allows it to route between the WAN (Frame Relay/PPP) interface at n x 64kbit/s rates (n 1-32) and the Ethernet Interface (10BaseT). Each WAN port is independent – please note that the sum of all speeds cannot exceed 2M of the aggregate.


  • Ax expansion card, the following interfaces can be installed: Electric E1 – G.703/G.704 (for digital PABX connection, e.g.) or 4-channel FXS 2W voice card.


  • Allows defining an E1 port as a backup for another port. In case there is an interruption on the main link, the data start to be transferred automatically through the backup link.


  • The Ethernet and PVC (Frame-Relay) interfaces can be incorporated to enable the bridge mode between the devices. In that case, routing between the 24 WAN interfaces and the Ethernet interface will not be possible.


  • The equipment is capable of recovering both E1 and clocks from any of the digital interfaces – V.35 – V.11/V.36 – V.28. After recovery, the clock is monitored and detected as missing, which generates a change to internal clock.


  • Remote management is performed via TELNET through both the Ethernet port and the WLAN, by the equipment connected to the E1 or also by the DATACOM management application: DMView.


  • Fully compatible with other DATACOM equipment such as DM705, DM704, DM991, DM16E1, DM4E1S, DmSTM-1 and other DM706 models.


DM706C-R24 Application Multipoint LAN And PBX Connectivity
Multipoint LAN And PBX Connectivity
DM706C-R24 Application Remote Site Management
Remote Site Management

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