DM706CS E1 Multiplexer And Router

DM706CS Multiplexer And RouterThe DM706CS is an E1 minimux and router to operate in data and voice transport applications aggregated to the same E1 channel. It features an Electric E1 (G.703/G.704) tributary interface, Digital (V.35, V.36/V.11 or V.28) interface, five Fast Ethernet ports that can work as switches and many software functionalities, including remote user authentication (RADIUS and TACACS), Firewall, NAT, VPN and QoS.

DM706CS Datasheet

The DM706CR and the DM706CS are E1 multiplexers that allow voice and data transference at up to 2048kbit/s.

The DM706CS features two E1 (G.703/G.704) interfaces, a digital (V.35-V.36/V.11) interface and five Ethernet interfaces that acts as routers. The router interface can include two LANs – one with 4 Ethernet ports that act as Switches.

It allows 64kbit/s timeslots to be distributed among tributaries: E1, Digital and Ethernet, allowing, e.g., simultaneous traffic of a digital PABX voice channels, a router and a LAN.

It performs all the routing tasks by means of a WAN interface, where it receives incoming data from the E1 aggregate card and performs routing of this traffic.

Desktop modem (195x200x44mm), with 93-250VAC or 36-72VDC automatic power supply.

Desktop modem (195x200x44mm), with 93-250VAC or 36-72VDC automatic power supply.

The Router interface features several software functionalities. Notably along them are the routing functions, remote user authentication (RADIUS and TACACS), network security (firewall), address and port translation (NAT ), safe connections (VPN), packet tagging and prioritizing (QoS).

Remote management via HDLC, allowing it to manage the multiplexer functionalities of another DM706CR or DM706CS. The equipment mux functionalities can be managed through the DMView management platform when the DM706CR or the DM706CS is the DM705, DM706C or the DM704S/SE multiplexor remote device used in association with the DMG20 management card.

Operations with both internal and external clocks (digital interface CT113) or regenerated from the G.703 signal received from the E1 aggregate or tributary. Automatic commuting to the internal clock in the absence of the regenerated clock.

Test pattern generator with error detection, activated by the control port (BERT).

LED indicators for power supply, 104, 103, E1 aggregate, test, E1 tributary, SYS (router status), WAN, LAN(s).


  • The equipment features an internal router, which allows it to route between the WAN (Frame Relay/PPP) interface at n x 64kbit/s rates (n 1-32) and the Fast Ethernet Interface.
  • Remote management via SNMP directly connected to the Fast Ethernet ports or in-band through the E1 interface.
  • It is entirely configurable via terminal emulation with a DB9 RS232 control port on the front panel.
  • It is entirely configurable via Telnet or SSH, featuring a physical connection with a LAN or WAN Router port.
  • The DM706CS features two E1 (G.703/G.704) interfaces, a digital (V.35-V.36/V.11) interface and five Ethernet (10/100BaseT) interfaces that act as routers or switches.
  • Synchronicity with an internal clock, regenerated clock from the G.703 signal of the E1 port or regenerated from the V.35 port.


DM706CS Application

DM706CS Application

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