Multiservice Platforms

DM705 & DM705Sub E1/STM1 Access MultiplexerDM705 Multiservice Multiplexer

The DM705-SUB is a flexible multiservice PDH multiplexer with access, transport and cross connection interfaces. It allows the interconnection of sub rate data and voice traffic into the E1, SHDSL and SDH network. Its 4U chassis can be installed in 19’’ racks. Frontal connections are available and it supports hot swap of all modules. It can operate with redundant power supply and CPU.

The DM705-HW2 is an E1 Multiplexer for 19” racks with 2U height, with flexible hardware.


QX3440 PDH Access MultiplexerQX3440 DACS PDH Multiplexer

The QX series PDH multiplexers can combine various digital access interfaces into multiple E1 or T1 lines for convenient transport and switching. They are supplied in 5U, 2.5U, and 2U chassis. The QX 3440 multiplexers have redundancy for the CPU, E1 and power.


QX3440-D Compact PDH Multiplexer

TQX3440D Compact PDH Muxhe 2U chassis QX3440-D is a 36 E1 or T1 PDH Multiplexer that can com-bine various digital access interfaces into multiples E1 or T1 lines for con-venient transport and switching. 9 half slots provide access for a vari-ety of interfaces, including RS232, V.35, V36, RS422, RS485, E&M, FXS, and FXO. Up to 72Mbps or 36 x 31 TS could be cross-connected in this devices.