DM705 E1/STM1 Multiservice Access Multiplexer

DM705 E1/STM1 Access MultiplexerThe DM705-SUB is a flexible multiservice multiplexer with access, transport and cross connection interfaces. It allows the interconnection of sub rate data and voice traffic into the E1, SHDSL and SDH network. Its 4U chassis can be installed in 19’’ racks. Frontal connections are available and it supports hot swap of all modules. It can operate with redundant power supply and CPU.

The DM705-HW2 is an E1 Multiplexer for 19” racks with 2U height, with flexible hardware.

DM705 Datasheet

The DM705-SUB is an E1/STM-1 multiplexer for 19’’ racks with 4U (units height). Its mounting brackets can be adjusted in 6 different positions and can also be configured in a wall mounting option. Totally modular, may receive up to 8 tributaries interfaces, 2 high speed cards, 2 redundant power supply units and 2 CPUs. All modules are hot swappable.

The DM705-SUB can be equipped with one of the three available CPU models (CPU32, CPU34, CPU64 and CPU128).

The DM705-HW2 allows the use of one CPU which can be a CPU32 or CPU34.


  • DS0 high capacity cross connection. Up to 260 lines for DM705-SUB and up to 64 lines for DM705 HW2.
  • Interfaces with high density ports on each access slot.
  • Allow cross connection of data coming from any interface (up to 64kbit/s granularity)
  • Access multiplexer and E1, SHDSL and/or SDH (only in DM705-SUB) network traffic concentrator in one single equipment.
  • The DM705-SUB has 2 slots for redundant CPU (matrix and management), 8 slots for access interfaces (E1, V.35, SHDSL, FXS, FXO, E&M, MBB, ETHERNET), 2 slots for high speed interfaces (E3 and STM-1), 2 slots for redundant power supply units.
  • The DM705 HW2 has 1 slot for CPU (matrix and management), 2 slots for redundant power supply units and 8 slots for access interfaces.


  • DM705-SUB can operate with one or two CPU interfaces and can enable redundant operation.
  • DM705 HW2 operates with one CPU.
  • 64 kbit/s timeslot cross connection for data coming from any interface.


  • The DM705-SUB has 10 slots for interface cards. Two of those can operate at 155Mbit/s (HS slots).
  • All slots in DM705-SUB have frontal connections.
  • DM705 HW2 has 8 slots fot interface cards.


  • Internal clock generated by the multiplexer;
  • 2048kHz external clock with BNC input interface directly on the CPU card;
  • Recovery clock from STM-1, E3 (available in DM705-SUB), E1, G.SHDSL or V.35 interfaces.

Power Supply

  • Supports AC inputs (93 to 250VAC) and DC inputs (36 to 72VDC), with automatic selection;
  • Redundant operation when using 2 power supply units;
  • Hot swap power supply units.

External Alarms

NA/NF dry contact output on the front panel

  • DM705-CPU128 – Three external alarm inputs and one output;
  • DM705-CPU64 – Three external alarm inputs and one output;
  • DM705-CPU34 – Three external alarm inputs and one output;
  • DM705-CPU32 – One external output.


  • SDH network access: 64kbit/s timeslot cross connection for data coming from the STM-1 interface.


  • Cross connection in any port (Grooming): consolidation of many sub used channels in one single channel. Data from E1, FO, DSL, MBB, V.35D, G.703 64kbit/s, voice cards FXO / FXS / E&M, RS232, IP and Ethernet ports may be mapped into any timeslot of any port. Thus, any port may work as aggregate, optimizing its usage for each application. Both CPU64 and CPU128 allow tributary concentration in 2Mbit/s channels mapped to the STM-1 aggregate.


  • CAS cross connection, generated from voice, FO and E1 interface mapping. DSL, STM-1 (2 Mbit/s channels), FO HW3 (2 Mbit/s channels) and structured V.35 interfaces are also capable of CAS cross connecting.
DM705 Application Multiservice Access Platform Over E1
Multiservice Access Platform Over E1
DM705 Application LAN to LAN Connectivity
LAN to LAN Connectivity
DM705 Application IP Ethernet And SDH Gateway
IP Ethernet and SDH gateway
DM705 Application Voice And Data Over Legacy Wireless
Voice and data over legacy wireless