DM880 STM1/4/16/64 SDH Multiplexer

DM880 9U STM1/4/16/64 SDH MultiplexerThe DM880 is a New Generation SDH multiplexer that supports many different interfaces such as 2Mbit/s, 34/45Mbit/s, Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet and SDH up to STM-64. It has a modular platform and multiservice functionalities and can operate in multiple rings or point-to-point applications.

DM880 Datasheet

Interface Cards

The DM880 is a New Generation SDH multiplexer with multiservice functionalities. Developed for high capacity access, transport and cross connection applications. The cross connection matrix modules have up to 80G capacity.

Totally modular, the chassis has 12 slots for interface cards, 2 slots for housekeeping cards and an integrated fan module.


  • 9U chassis for 19” racks
  • Support applications from E1 up to STM-64
  • MSP, SNCP, DNI and MS-SPRing 2F and 4F
  • EPS protection for E1, E3/T3 and STM-1E interfaces
  • 2 slots for cross connection matrix, 12 slots for interface cards and 2 slots for housekeeping cards
  • Supports hot-swap in all modules
  • Redundant power supply input


  • Cross connection in VC-12, VC-3 and VC-4
  • Allows redundant operation
  • The DM800-MPU622 is able to cross connect timeslots of 64kbit/s


  • 12 slots for E1, E3/T3, E4 (via E3) Ethernet and SDH interface cards
  • 2 slots for V.11, RS232, housekeeping and service channel interface cards


  • Internal clock
  • 2048kHz external clock input available in one of the MPU’s connectors
  • Recovered clock from SDH or E1 interfaces

 Power Supply

  • -48 to -60VDC input
  • All interface cards are equipped with redundant power supply circuit


DM880 Application Wireless Backhaul
Wireless Backhaul
DM880 Application Cellular Backhaul
Cellular Backhaul
DM880 Application Ethernet over SDH Ring
Ethernet over SDH Ring
DM880 Application SDH Backbone
SDH Backbone
DM800 Application
DM800 Series