HX9100 ADM/TM SDH Multiplexer

The CXR HX9100 is a family of SDH STM1 multiplexer from the new generation of economic and compact ADM, or TM Multiplexer designed to add & drop up to:

  • 112 x E1/T1 Tributaries
  • 3 x E3/T3 Tributaries
  • 2 x 10/100M Ethernet Tributaries

HX9100 STM1 ADM/TM SDH MultiplexerThe CXR HX9100-1U is a 1U with fixed configuration

This equipment is delivered as a ADM with 2 STM1 or TM with 1STM1 and up to 56 E1, or 28E1 + 3 E3 or 28E1 + 4 Ethernet.

HX9100 STM1 ADM/TM SDH MultiplexerThe CXR HX9100-3U is a 3U with modular

With up to 4 aggregate optical/electrical STM-1 interfaces, the CXR ADM can offer the service provider a versatile protection scheme including SNCP and MSP(1+1) protection for both ring and linear Network topology.

HX9100 Datasheet


HX9100 STM1 ADM/TM SDH Multiplexer