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DM705 E1/STM1 Access MultiplexerDM705 Multiservice Multiplexer

The DM705-SUB is a flexible multiservice multiplexer with access, transport and cross connection interfaces. It allows the interconnection of sub rate data and voice traffic into the E1, SHDSL and SDH network. Its 4U chassis can be installed in 19’’ racks. Frontal connections are available and it supports hot swap of all modules. It can operate with redundant power supply and CPU.

The DM705-HW2 is an E1 Multiplexer for 19” racks with 2U height, with flexible hardware.


DMSTM-1DMSTM-1 SDH Multiplexer STM1

The DmSTM-1 is a modular multiplexer for new generation SDH networks (NG-SDH). The basic unit composed of chassis, central processing unit and power source permits the introduction of two aggregate interface cards and up to three tributary interface cards. It modularity facilitates the expansion of the network and the support of new services.


HX9100 ADM/TM SDH Multiplexer

THX9100 STM1 ADM/TM SDH Multiplexerhe CXR HX9100 is a family of SDH STM1 multiplexer from the new generation of economic and compact ADM, or TM Multiplexer designed to add & drop up to:

  • 112 x E1/T1 Tributaries
  • 3 x E3/T3 Tributaries
  • 2 x 10/100M Ethernet Tributaries