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DM820 Compact STM16 SDH MultiplexerDM820 SDH Multiplexer STM1/4/16

The DM820 is a new generation compact SDH fibre optic multiplexer with 2Mbit/s E1, 34/45Mbit/s E3, Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet and SDH STM 1, STM 4, STM 16 support. With a fully modular platform, DS0 cross-connect, MPU redundancy, multiservice functionalities and operates with multiple rings and point-to-point links.



DM830 Compact STM16 SDH MultiplexerDM830 SDH Multiplexer STM1/4/16

DM830 is a compact new generation SDH fibre optic multiplexer. Supports 2Mbit/s E1, 34/45Mbit/s E3, Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet and up to SDH STM-16 interface modules. Modular platform. DS0 cross connection from 384 E1s to 1008 E1s. Multiservice functionalities. Can operate in multiple rings and point to point applications.



DM881 STM16 SDH MultiplexerDM881 SDH Multiplexer STM1/4/16

The DM881 is a SDH fibre optic multiplexer and multiservice concentrator. It supports a switching matrix with a SDH capacity between 7.4G and 40G, and also includes a DSO cross-connect between 384 E1s and 1002 E1s. It operates with the following interfaces: E1, E3/T3, STM 1, STM 4, STM 16, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet. It offers SDH-NG functionality and can concentrate up to 384 E1 ports per chassis.



HX9416RA STM16 SDH Multiplexer

THX9416 SDH STM1/4/16 Multiplexerhe HX9416R is the largest configuration of HX9400R series of the ADM/TM SDH fibre optic multiplexers. This configuration with two CC16 CPU and aggregate provide a traffic’s concentration over the two 2 STM16 (2,488 Gbps) SNCP rings up to 8 STM1 or 2 STM4 sub-rings in a single node and the full cross-connect of all VC12, VC3 and VC4.