DM810 STM4 MultiplexerDM810 SDH Multiplexer STM1

The DM810 is a new generation compact multiplexer with a height of 1U, compatible with 19 inch racks. Offers multiservice functionalities for access applications to transport networks. With a non-blocking cross-connect matrix with a 2.8G capacity, STM-1/4 interfaces, Gigabit Ethernet and E1, it permits the implementation of voice, video and data services, with excellent cost-benefit ratio.


HX9400 STM4 Multiplexer HX 9400 SDH STM1/4 Multiplexer

The HX9400R is the modular STM4 ADM/TM SDH multiplexer. This configuration with two CC4 aggregate/CPU provide a traffic’s concentration over the two 2 STM4 (622Gbps) SNCP rings and up to 4 STM1 sub-rings in a single node with full cross-connect of all VC12, VC3 and VC4. The system can be upgraded in STM16 node by change of XCU aggregate/CPU card.


HX9400-S Compact SDH Multiplexer

MHX9400-S Compact SDH Multiplexerounted with 2 aggregate optical or electrical STM-1/4 interfaces, the HX9400-S is a compact and economic SDH/SONET ADM/TM. This device is provided with SNCP or MSP(1+1) protection in Ring or Termination topology, and it is used by Telco/ISP’s to distribute Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet, or by Transport and Utility infrastructures to deploy a 622Mbps backbone for legacy/TDM/analogue/Scada, or for pure IP video/voice/data with a high level of protection.


HX9500 SDH/PDH Hybrid MultiplexerHX9500 Hybrid SDH PDH Multiplexer

The HX9500 SONET/SDH-PDH is a Hybrid Multi-Service Access Multiplexer with STM-1/4 – OC-3/12 optical lines aggregate and HS tributaries and a non-blocking VC11/VC12/VC3/VC4 cross-connect together with a PDH DS0 cross-connect or DACS with Low Speed tributary modules.