SDH/PDH Hybrid Multiplexers

DM705 E1/STM1 Hybrid Access MultiplexerDM705 E1/STM1 Access Multiplexer

The DM705-SUB is a flexible multiservice multiplexer with access, transport and cross connection interfaces. It allows the interconnection of sub rate data and voice traffic into the E1, SHDSL and SDH network. Its 4U chassis can be installed in 19’’ racks. Frontal connections are available and it supports hot swap of all modules. It can operate with redundant power supply and CPU.

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HX9500 SDH/PDH Hybrid MultiplexerHX9500 Hybrid SDH PDH Multiplexer

The HX9500 SONET/SDH-PDH is a Hybrid Multi-Service Access Multiplexer with STM-1/4 – OC-3/12 optical lines aggregate and HS tributaries and a non-blocking VC11/VC12/VC3/VC4 cross-connect together with a PDH DS0 cross-connect or DACS with Low Speed tributary modules.

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HX9550 SDH/PDH Hybrid Access Multiplexer

The HX9550 SDH/SONET/PDH is a Multi-Service Access Platform with:HX9550 Hybrid PDH / SDH Access Multiplexer

  • High density TDM/PDH multiplexer DACS supporting voice, async and sync data, industrial copper and optical interfaces, G.SHDSL extension, dry contact and Ethernet EoPDH bridges/router interfaces
  • An economical STM-1/4 (OC-3/12) access ADH ADM/TM multiplexer with full cross-connect with SDH link and local TDM/PDH interfaces
  • TDMoE encapsulation and L2 GE switch card to transport TDM PseudoWire circuits over GE WAN together with local LAN

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IX4100 Hybrid MultiplexerIX4100 STM Multiplexer

The IX 4100 Multiplexer is used with SDH STM1 and PDH or TDM E3 / DS3 / E1 / T1 , the IX4100 is a combined system including a PDH Multiplexer Cross-Connect and a SDH ADM in a bus/linear or multidirectional network configuration.

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