100G and 200G DWDM Range

We delivers leading standards-based 100G/200G DWDM muxponder/transponder/ADM products. The products cover a variety of applications and market segments including short haul, DCI (data center interconnect), metro, and long haul applications.


PL-2000AD – 200G DWDM ADM/Muxponder/Transponder for Long Haul

PL-2000AD 200G ADM for Long Haul 1U platform with low power consumption and high 200G density feature set. Ideal for metro and long haul applications. Supports encryption per service or per uplink.

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PL-2000ADS – 200G DWDM ADM/Muxponder/Transponder for Short Haul

PL-2000ADS 200G ADM for Short Haul 1U platform with low power consumption and the highest 200G density feature set in the market. Ideal for short haul and encryption applications.

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PL-2000M – 200G DWDM Single Wavelength Muxponder/Transponder

PL-2000M 200G Single Wavelength MuxponderAn advanced 200G single wavelength 1U platform for next generation data center interconnect and metro applications. The product supports encryption per service or per uplink.

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PL-1000GT – 100G DWDM Long Haul Muxponder/Transponder 

PL-1000GT 100G Long Haul Muxponder Transponder 100G coherent DWDM muxponder/transponder solution for long haul applications.

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PL-1000GM – 100G DWDM Muxponder/Transponder for Metro and DCI 

PL-1000GM 100G for Metro and DCI 100G multi-protocol multi-rate muxponder/transponder for high capacity optical transport solution for metro networks.

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PL-1000T – 100G DWDM Transponder for Metro Networks 

PL-1000T 100G Transponder for Metro Networks 100G transponder in 1U platform with low power consumption, ideal for customer premises equipment (CPE) and data centre environment, for long haul and metro networks.

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