PL-1000TN – 10G DWDM OTN Transponder

The PL-1000TN is a highly integrated 10G transponder for unified transport of different protocols such as 10G LAN, OTU2/OTU2e, STM64/OC-192 and 8G/10G Fibre Channel over common fibre optical network.

The PL-1000TN DWDM OTN transponder is designed for long distance, high-attenuation link budget, ROADM infrastructure with 10G connectivity for applications with a multi-protocol mix. The transponder meets market requirements for low power consumption and rack space savings, reducing overall solution CAPEX and OPEX.

PL-1000TN Datasheet PL-1000TN 10G DWDM OTN Transponder


Flexible Design

The PL-1000TN processes client protocols either by mapping non-OTN 8G-10G protocols over an OTN line, or by directly transponding OTN clients. The unit can be managed by HTTP/HTTPS web browsers, CLI over Telnet/SSH, EMS, or third party SNMP system.

Powerful Feature Set

The PL-1000TN contains enhanced forward error correction (FEC) codes suitable for extremely long distances in amplified DWDM networks, eliminating the need for expensive regenerator sites and enabling an effective ROADM-based solution built on cascading a number of amplifiers across the infrastructure.

The unit provides a common transport layer for all client protocols regardless of the service type, with easy installation, management, and maintenance of the fibre optic infrastructure.

Key Advantages

Highly Integrated 10G OTN Product – Provides an entire DWDM solution over dual or single fibre in a 1U platform with two embedded EDFAs, mux and DCM.


  • 6 independent ITU G.Sup43 standard-based multi-rate 8/10G OTN transponders
  • Supported clients: 10G LAN, 8G/10G Fibre Channel (FC), STM64/OC192, and OTU2/2e
  • Three FEC types: ITU G.709 GFEC, G.975.1 I.4 and I.7 for enhanced performance
  • Supports full C-band tunable DWDM on line side optics
  • Supports multi-rate client interfaces over a common OTN infrastructure
  • 1+1 facility and optical switch line protection
  • Comprehensive performance monitoring and full OTN managed layer
  • Optional integrated EDFAs, DCM, mux/demux and optical switch modules
  • Remote management with in-band GCC or out-of-band optical supervisory channel (OSC)
  • Dual AC or DC pluggable power supply and pluggable fan unit
  • Cost-effective 1U platform with low power consumption, ideal for customer located equipment (CLE)
  • Supports standard MSA pluggable SFP+ (client) and XFP (uplink)
  • Operates on both single or dual fibre solutions
  • Building efficient DWDM OTN transport solutions for enterprises over common OTN long distance optical network
  • Building a robust packet optical network infrastructure
  • Multi-rate OTN transpodner for ROADM-based applications
  • Edge CPE device for end-to-end managed services over carrier OTN backbone
  • Upgrading SONET/SDH backbones to OTN backbones
  • OTU2/OTU2e OTN regenerator
  • Long haul connectivity for up to 52dB using a single 1U device
  • Unified transport of different protocols such as 10G LAN, STM64/OC-192 and 8G/10G Fibre Channel over common optical transport layer
  • Smallest integrated transport solution of its kind, saving rack space
  • Reduces cost of the backbone solution by cutting the number of required regenerators
  • High link budget of 52dB loss without the need for inline amplifiers
  • Low power consumption
  • Reduces overall solution CAPEX and OPEX