Rack Systems

AMS16 Rack SystemsAMS 4/16 Rack System

AMS4 and AMS16 are two professional rack systems aimed at hosting transmission cards. AMS4 and AMS16 hosts a full range of rack-mount cards; dial-up and leased line modems, ISDN adapters, fibre optic modems, TDM/PDH interface converters and CSU-DSU, xDSL modems, Ethernet LAN access cards



AMS Media 16AMS Media 16 Media Converter Chassis

This manageable media converter centre support 16 pure media converters or two ports switches of 10/100Mbps Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces from copper/fibre, fibre/fibre, copper/fibre lambda CWDM.



CW4000 Series Chassis CW4000 Series Chassis

The CW4000 Series chassis is a sub rack system designed to house up to 17 of the CW4000 range of Fibre Optic Modems and Media Converters.



DM-SBT Enclosure For 20 ModemsDMSBT Rack System

The DM-SBT is a subrack that allows for the simultaneous use of up to 20 modems, interface converters or slim multiplexers. It also supports SNMP card management integrated to the DMView management system. The 4U high enclosure is also compatible with 19″ racks.



DM-GBT Slim Modem EnclosureDMGBT Rack System

DM-GBT is the compact option to use with slim interface cards. Only 1U height and integrated power supply unit, with support to slim interface cards.



Rack Media 16Rack Media 16 For Fibre Optic Media Converters
Up to sixteen media converters can be powered by the Converter rack without the requirement of external power supplies. The unit features a redundant power supply system with automatic power load sharing to ensure proper operation.