TDM over IP

CIP-2E1CIP-2E1 TDMoIP Converter

The CIP-2E1T1 is able to carry E1/T1 or different groups of time slots groomed from an E1/T1 over TDM Pseudowire Emulation End to End over IP or Ethernet networks named Packet Pseudowire Network. This transportation carries the service of full or fractional E1/T1’s to interconnecting devices like PBX. The CIP-2E1 has an OCXO option which allows the regeneration of the synchronization to the distant device. The CIP-2E1 is use in infrastructure to interconnect PBX, TDM equipment over Ethernet network but also by Telco to provide E1/T1 to voice equipment in customer premise and providing together the synchronization of the PBX over IP backhaul.

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The CIP-ALL emulates and transports up to four analog leased lines and FXO/FXS telephone interfaces over Ethernet – IP. The analog interfaces are 300 – 3,400 Hz voice frequency type as per ITU-T M.1020 standard. The CIP-ALL connects classical analog, voice frequency equipment through an Ethernet – IP Packet Network. Such equipment may have Leased Line or FXO / FXS POTS telephone interfaces sometime with embedded modems. The Circuit Emulation over Packet processor delivers high performance, extremely low latency, and a perfect distortion-free transport of the analog signals. The CIP-ALL provides many emulation protocols and a dual 10/100 BaseT and optical Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to adapt to any network requirement.

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CIP-SerialCIP-Serial TDMoIP

The CIP-SERIAL is designed to carry a synchronous link encapsulated in PseudoWire over IP or Ethernet backhaul. It is use to migrate the synchronous Leased Lines over Ethernet infrastructure of Telcos. The encapsulation gives it the capability to transport unframed encrypted circuits used in Defence application.

The CIP-SERIAL are installed in the customer premises to migrate router connection over Ethernet backbone without any change in both serial routers with the rate from 64kbps to 2Mbps and up to 63 x 64kbps. The CIP-SERIAL is able to transport low rate flow at 2.4kbps, 4.8kbps, 9.6kbps, 19,2kbps for all industrial applications with optimization of the latency.

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PT7860 MPLS-TRANSPORT PACKET OF ETHERNET, E1 & SDHPT7860 MPLS Access Device for TDM and Ethernet Services

The PT-7860 multi PTN (MPLS/CE Packet Transport Network) is a cost-effective solution for transmitting many different data types, including traditional TDM circuit-based traffic, Ethernet over a packet-based transportation network. In up to 1000 PseudoWire and 2000 LSP.

By adopting MPLS-TP (Multi-Protocol Label Switching Transport Profile) or Carrier Ethernet Technologies, the PT-7860 can transport Ethernet (EPL, EVPL, ELAN, EVC defined in MEF), E1/T1 TDMoE, and SDH CEP traffic.

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DMSwitch-2100DM2100 Metro Ethernet Switch

DMSwitch 2100 – EDD (Ethernet Demarcation Device) product line is the family of switches designed to offer LAN/WAN intelligent demarcation services at the last mile of Metro Ethernet access networks. With the EDD product line it is possible to monitor and control the service in the entire network.

The EDD performs wire speed switching of level 2 packets, and it may operate both with point-to-point topologies (with 1+1 type protection) or in a ring topology by using Ethernet protection protocols such as xSTP or EAPS.

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DM2300 TDM Circuit Emulation & Carrier Access SwitchDM2300 TDM Circuit Emulation & Carrier Access Switch

The DM2300 Carrier Access Switch offers a Carrier Grade solution to meet the growing needs of Service Providers, which require stringent SLA (Service Level Agreement) for their Ethernet Services. The DM2300 products are 1U fanless compact metal enclosure Gigabit Carrier Ethernet and Demarcation Switch with an internal full-range universal and automatic selection AC/DC power supply. The DM2300 can support up to 8 E1’s per unit supporting TDM circuit emulation of G703/G704 E1 traffic.

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DMSwitch-4000-PWE3 cardDM4000 Metro Ethernet Switches

10/6/1U chassis for 19’’ racks. Up to 8 interface cards, 2 MPU redundant cards, 2 GPC cards, FAN module and redundant power supply input. The backplane is responsible for all traffic interconnections and cards management.

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The IMX-MSTM4 is a powerful equipment witch is providing transport and interconnection of PDH and SDH links or networks over IP or Ethernet backhaul. It is performing up to 512 TDM Pseudo-Wires to carry STM4, STM1, E3, DS3, E1, T1 or FE1, FT1 in point to point or point to multipoint modes.

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QX3440-TDMoE CardQX3440-TDMoE Interface Card

The TDMoE plug-in card is designed for the QX3440. The TDMoE card is used to transport TDM traffic over IP network, in addition to Ethernet traffic. As the communications network migrates from TDM to IP, the TDMoE card provides a flexible and cost effective choice for the transport of legacy TDM signals.

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