TCIP-2E1 TDMoIP Converterhe CIP-2E1T1 is able to carry E1/T1 or different groups of time slots groomed from an E1/T1 over TDM Pseudowire Emulation End to End over IP or Ethernet networks named Packet Pseudowire Network. This transportation carries the service of full or fractional E1/T1’s to interconnecting devices like PBX. The CIP-2E1 has an OCXO option which allows the regeneration of the synchronization to the distant device. The CIP-2E1 is use in infrastructure to interconnect PBX, TDM equipment over Ethernet network but also by Telco to provide E1/T1 to voice equipment in customer premise and providing together the synchronization of the PBX over IP backhaul.

CIP-2E1 Datasheet


CIP-2E1 TDMoIP E1 encapsulation EthernetCIP-2E1 - QX3440 - IMX Pseudowire Emulation