DM705-CESoP Interface Card

DM705-CESoP CardThe DM705-CESoP is presented in four (4) versions. Each card has 2 Ethernet interface 10/100/1000Mbits/s according to IEEE 802.3, in RJ45 connectors, always operating with BUNDLES according to its card model:

  • DM705-CESoP 16E1 allows up to 512 Bundles, reaching up to 32Mbits/s data traffic per card.
  • DM705-CESoP 8E1 allows up to 256 Bundles, reaching up to 16Mbits/s data traffic per card.
  • DM705-CESoP 4E1 allows up to 128 Bundles, reaching up to 8Mbits/s data traffic per card.
  • DM705-CESoP 2E1 allows up to 64 Bundles, reaching up to 4Mbits/s data traffic per card.

Each channel can be configured in N x 64 kbits/s (from 64Kbits/s to 2Mbits/s) and can operate in framed mode without CAS, framed with CAS or unframed. It uses IP and UDP protocol for the indexing of bundles and CESoPSN for TDM link emulation. Optionally  the card allows the use of Service VLAN and Client VLAN for a better traffic control.

The CESoP interface Card can recover the clock from any Bundle to use as the clock reference for the equipment and it can reorder the received packets from the Ethernet network.

Relevant Multiplexer

DM705Sub PDH Multiservice multiplexer


DM 705 Sub CESoP Interface CardCESoP TDMoIP TDMoE SAToP

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