IMX-MSTM4 TDM/SDH over PseudoWire

IMX-MSTM4 TDM/SDH over PseudoWire

The IMX-MSTM4 is a powerful equipment witch is providing transport and interconnection of PDH and SDH links or networks over IP or Ethernet backhaul. It is performing up to 512 TDM Pseudo-Wires to carry STM4, STM1, E3, DS3, E1, T1 or FE1, FT1 in point to point or point to multipoint modes.

The IMX-MSTM4 gives the possibility to use a Gigabit Ethernet to interconnect several PDH/SDH nodes in Utilities/Transportation/Defence infrastructure.

Thanks to the Ethernet features like SyncE WAN, PTP 1588v2 and OAM service level the IMX-MSTM4 is the right equipment to interconnect 2G/3.5G BTS to BSC or MSC/RNC over Ethernet backhaul.


IMX-MSTM4 Datasheet


IMX-MSTM4 TDM/SDH over PseudoWire

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