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PT7860 MPLS-TP Transmission Device

Cherry & White now supply a Multi Packet Transport Network device capable of transmitting many different data types, including traditional PDH and SDH circuits over a 10GigE MPLS-TP network


The PT-7860 multi PTN (MPLS/CE Packet Transport Network) is a new and cost-effective solution for transmitting many different data types, including traditional TDM circuit-based traffic, Ethernet over a packet-based transportation network. In up to 1000 PseudoWire and 2000 LSP.

By adopting MPLS-TP (Multi-Protocol Label Switching Transport Profile) or Carrier Ethernet Technologies, the PT-7860 can transport Ethernet (EPL, EVPL, ELAN, EVC defined in MEF), E1/T1 TDMoE, and SDH CEP traffic.

The unit is also equipped with OAM tools to perform diagnosis on the LSPs (Label Switched Paths) and PseudoWires. The PT-7860 series is a perfect packet transport platform for IP-Mobile and lease-line applications containing hub, ring and mesh topologies.

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