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The OLT (Optical Line Terminal) sits at the head-end of the network, linking the customer-facing PON network with the backhaul network/internet. We can provide 4, 8 & 16 port fixed 1U devices or large chassis systems that support GPON, XGS-PON, and NGPON2. Each port provides 2.5Gbps download and 1.25Gbps upload for GPON devices, 10GB in both directions for XGs-PON devices and 40Gbps in both directions for NGPON2.

ONT / ONU router


The ONU (Optical Network Unit) or ONT (Optical Network Terminal) sits in the customer premise. This can take the form of a home gateway, providing Wi-Fi access and internet connectivity to the customer’s devices, or a bridge device, allowing the customer to plug in their home gateway of choice. These can have inbuilt or external antenna, and can provide voice ports for VoIP phones.

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Additional Partners

Whilst Dasan and Halny are our primary solution partner, we also have product sets available from Adtran, Calix, CXR and Datacom, with each partner offering unique advantages to the industry.


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