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DWDM Fibre Cables

Customised Solutions

Cherry and White’s DWDM Solution has a solid record of successfully implementing state-of-the-art optical backbones for dozens of power utilities worldwide. Its modular architecture facilitates a customised fit for the precise needs of individual utilities and its intuitive management system enables a reduced-staff operation. Our solution also makes it easy to sell excess bandwidth to telecom service providers, and even end-users, to transform the optical network into a profit centre.

Unlimited Scalability for Fiber Networks

Cherry & White’s DWDM is an advanced optical networking system that combines flexibility and muscle to meet the unique needs of all utilities. The system entails flexibility to support all service interface and transport requirements, while enabling scalable pay-as-you-grow deployment with robustness. This ensures the highest levels of system availability and security against hacking attacks and also offers multiple features that make it ideal for power utilities.

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