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2G & 3G Switch Off – Is Your IoT Ready?

Cellular IoT communication firms globally are transitioning to LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology. This shift entails shutting down 2G and 3G networks to allocate spectrum space, prompting companies reliant on older tech to upgrade their communication equipment. With its enhanced data transfer capacity and speed, 4G and 5G LTE promises heightened efficiency across business and mission critical networks.

Transitioning from legacy communication technologies to LTE demands a well-thought-out migration strategy and suitable products tailored to meet business requirements. Given the diverse nature of IoT applications, Cherry & White offers a range of Multitech 4G LTE solutions, including Cellular and LoRaWAN, to mitigate disruptions effectively.

Our products are fully certified and approved by carriers, ensuring seamless integration into your current operations.

Contact us for your LTE Migration Review (Time is running out!).



Increasing demand for ISP’s to offer Wi-Fi 7

As online gaming, 4K and 8K streaming, and AR/VR applications continue to advance, customers’ expectations for network performance are on the rise.

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New analogue to IP converter

We are now supplying the CIP-ALL converter. The CIP-ALL emulates and transports up-to four analogue leased lines and FXO/FXS telephone interfaces over IP

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