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Microwave Communications

Microwave communications technology is a sophisticated means of transmitting data through the air using radio waves with wavelengths ranging from one millimeter to one meter. Imagine it as a wireless highway for information, allowing us to make phone calls, browse the internet, and even stream videos with remarkable speed and reliability.

At its core, microwave communication involves the use of radio frequency signals to send and receive information. This technology has become the backbone of our interconnected world, enabling the creation of networks that span cities, countries, and continents.

Whether you’re sending a text message, making a phone call, or accessing your favorite website, chances are that microwaves are quietly facilitating the seamless flow of data behind the scenes.

RAy 3

RAy is a high-speed p-t-p microwave link platform suitable for links in the most challenging conditions. It is used by Internet Service Providers as well as global Telco operators for both backbone and last-mile connections.

  • Performance: Highest network throughput in any environment.
  • Reliability: Rugged die-cast aluminium case and uses heavy duty industrial components.
  • Asymmetric channels: RAy offers the option of different bandwidth and different data speeds in each direction.
  • Full Outdoor & Solar ready: Tested to work reliably in all conditions, designed for use at remote sites and is solar-ready for this purpose.
  • Security: Advanced Physical, Management, Access control and Data security mechanisms, maintain network integrity.
  • Management and installation:  RAy tools mobile App is used for link calculation and to align antennas and manage the link, all from a mobile phone.






Nokia Wavence

Next generation 5G microwave networks require green, cost-effective and reliable solutions that maximize radio link performance, long reach, support advanced packet networking and simplify operations. The Wavence portfolio provides a complete microwave solution for all uses cases covering short-haul, long-haul, E-Band and SDN based management both for Service Providers and Enterprises.

  • Best in class: Wavence portfolio provides best-in-class microwave in traditional bands (6-42 GHz), and E-Band (80 GHz).
  • A flexible and future-proof solution: Zero-Footprint implementation with a Simplified RAN Transport solution for full-outdoor architectures.
  • Sustainable Microwave Transport Networks: Utilizes the latest technology for optimizing power consumption without compromising performance.
  • Microwave for high-performance networks: A complete microwave backhaul solution for 5G mobile networks, delivering the highest capacity and ultra-low latency.
  • SteadEband antenna: Nokia SteadEband, a stabilized antenna that combats common E-Band issues, which include tower vibrations and thermal movements such as the expansion or contraction of materials.
  • SDN management: As part of the Nokia Anyhaul solution with Carrier SDN and L3VPN, Wavence supports E2E service management and network slicing.

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