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We have served the utilities sector for many years, providing products and support services for the networks of organisations like Wessex Water, UK Power Networks, National Grid, and British Telecom.

We support and maintain the backbone of some of the most critical networks in the UK.


Transport infrastructure in the UK encompasses more than meets the eye, it incorporates vehicle manufacturing, infrastructure maintenance, transport planning, and traffic management.

Our networking solutions and services provide transportation operators with increased data visibility, allowing them to optimise the customer experience.


The deployment of broadband networks and FTTx is the leading technology discussion of the day.

With business and residential customers demanding increased reliability and bandwidth, the need for fibre to the premises has never been greater.
Cherry & White have extensive experience deploying fibre optic networks, with expertise to help you navigate these new challenges.


With the massive expansion of Internet of Things (IoT), fleet and asset management has been simplified, providing maximum coverage and performance with ultimate flexibility.

Our telematics portfolio incorporates a complete suite of IoT solutions, combining hardware and software to provide real time monitoring, analytics, and AI for customer operations.

Government & Defence

We work closely with government bodies, as well as systems integrators that deploy government networks, offering solutions that are adaptable to the unique challenges of these networks.

We have a product portfolio that allows us to provide solutions for cutting edge, multi-terabit fibre deployments, as well as legacy 300 baud circuits, and everything in between.

Cyber Security

We provide feature rich security solutions, and cutting-edge products that are at the forefront of technology, always staying ahead of cyberattacks, and providing our customers with secure and reliable networks.

In an ever-expanding cyber security landscape where attackers continuously refine their tactics, our proactive approach ensures that your network is fortified against evolving threats.

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