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Legacy TDM



Although it is a legacy technology that is being phased out in many places, there are still many scenarios in which PDH is still being used.

There are many different product sets that we can offer. These can be anywhere from small desktop interface converters, up to 5U rack-mount multiplexers, and everything in-between. This includes applications such as E1 aggregation, Ethernet over TDM (Time-division multiplexing), Ethernet over E1, and PDH/SDH gateways



Through our various suppliers, we can supply SDH solutions ranging from 1U STM1 pizza box devices up to 9U rackmount devices capable of STM64. These can be used to transport various protocols, such as E1, E3, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet.

These devices can be used to setup protected rings, providing redundancy for the customer.


With our partners, Avara Technologies, we can offer replacement products for the now end of life, Nokia DynaNet product range. By utilising DynaFlex solutions, the life of existing DynaNet networks can be extended without the need to replace products or entire networks.

All of the DynaFlex chassis and interface cards are fully back compatible with DynaNet multiplexers. Plus, there are additional features and interface cards available for the DynaFlex range that were not previously available with DynaNet.

With the development of the DynaFlex MPLS-TP transport interface module, legacy TDM interfaces can be transported over modern, packet based networks, whilst maintaining the strict, low latency and deterministic requirements.

Avara DynaFlex DynaNet Replacement
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