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Cellular & GPS

M2M Capabilities


Using our expertise we can tailor a solution to meet the requirements of your network. Need to simply connect your phone on a road trip or provide up to date monitoring on a critical network? We have a solution for you.

Some of the common use-cases we see are:

  • Network monitoring
  • Remote site security
  • On-the-go payment terminals
  • Automotive fleet tracking
  • Leisure and travel connectivity
cellular partners


Our partners have been handpicked from the market for their outstanding value and feature sets. We work with both Multitech and Avara Technologies playing on each product’s strengths to develop the best solution for you.

We have now successfully deployed over fifteen thousand routers throughout the UK between multiple critical infrastructure providers, giving us a plethora of knowledge in the area.

PAKNET Emulation

After 31 years the Paknet network will become EoL to its subscribers leaving them in a difficult situation….

How do I transition and maintain connectivity?

We have worked closely with our partners to develop a Paknet emulation feature to provide a plug and play solution without the need for any configuration changes on the RTU’s or other SCADA equipment.

PAKNET Emulation Cellular Routers

Cellular Router Applications

  • Machine to Machine connectivity for RTUs or PLCs
  • CCTV
  • ATM Machines
  • Metering
  • Leisure applications such as remote internet on canal boats
  • PAKNET Emulation
  • Tracking
  • Remote maintenance and control
Cellular Telecommunication Network

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