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Cellular routers are used in the utilities industry for several compelling reasons, offering unique advantages that cater to the specific needs and challenges faced by utility companies. Here are the primary reasons:

1. Reliable Remote Connectivity
  • Wide Coverage: Cellular networks provide extensive coverage, especially in remote or hard-to-reach areas where traditional wired connections are impractical.
  • Uninterrupted Service: Cellular routers offer reliable connectivity essential for real-time monitoring and management of utility assets.
2. Scalability and Flexibility
  • Easily Expandable: Cellular networks can be easily scaled to accommodate additional devices and sensors without extensive infrastructure modifications.
  • Quick Deployment: Cellular routers can be quickly installed and activated, allowing for rapid deployment in new sites or during emergencies.
3. Cost-Effectiveness
  • Reduced Infrastructure Costs: Avoids the high costs associated with laying and maintaining wired connections, especially in remote or rugged terrains.
  • Lower Maintenance: Cellular networks require less maintenance compared to traditional wired infrastructure, reducing operational costs.
4. Real-Time Data Access and Monitoring
  • Immediate Data Transmission: Enables real-time data transmission from remote sites to central control systems, facilitating timely decision-making and proactive maintenance.
  • Enhanced Monitoring: Supports continuous monitoring of critical infrastructure like power grids, water treatment plants, and pipelines.
5. Enhanced Security
  • Secure Communications: Many cellular routers support secure VPN connections, encryption, and other security features to protect sensitive data transmitted over the network.
  • Isolation from Public Networks: Cellular networks can be isolated from public internet access, reducing the risk of cyberattacks.
6. Disaster Recovery and Redundancy
  • Network Redundancy: Provides a backup communication channel in case of failures in primary networks, ensuring continuous operation during disasters or network outages.
  • Emergency Response: Facilitates quick restoration of services and coordination during emergencies, helping utility companies maintain essential services.
7. Support for Advanced Technologies
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Cellular routers are integral to IoT applications, enabling seamless integration of smart meters, sensors, and other IoT devices.
  • SCADA Systems: Essential for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems used for remote monitoring and control of industrial processes.

Utility DNO’s

We work with a variety of utility DNOs (Distribution Network Operators) to provide remote monitoring facilities over UTMS / LTE networks. We’ve worked directly with our OEM partners to integrate a variety of functionality supporting the utility industries’ unique set of requirements.

We have now successfully deployed over twenty thousand routers throughout the UK between multiple critical infrastructure providers, giving us a plethora of knowledge in the area.

Our OEM Partners

Our partners have been handpicked from the market for their outstanding pedigrees and feature-rich equipment. 

We work with DZS, Garderos, Nokia, Multitech, and Racom, playing on each product’s strengths to develop the best solution for you.






The NTC-550 is a high-end high-speed industrial-grade 5G router. Designed with critical and complex applications in mind, it provides ultra-reliable, high bandwidth throughput even in extremely demanding environments.

Ideal for use in emergency vehicles, trucks, and buses, or as the core of complex systems to monitor and control critical infrastructure in remote, unmanned locations.

Support for the latest wireless technologies including Release 16 5G and Wi-Fi 6 to ensure access to the latest innovations and the best possible
throughput at a world-leading price point.

An extensive array of software features is based on years of experience partnering with globally leading operators, system integrators and multinational enterprises.



Garderos routers provide cyber-secure and reliable data connectivity for large-scale router networks in telecommunications and utility networks, as well as intelligent traffic systems.

The Garderos R-7900 Series routers provide 5 LAN ports and a wide range of WAN interfaces such as: xDSL, Public Cellular and Private LTE Configurations such as dual wireless WAN or alternatively xDSL with failover to wireless WAN are possible.

  • 5x 10/100 Mbit Ethernet
  • Optional: 1x 10/100 Mbit Ethernet
  • Up to 2 radio modems
  • Serial RS-485
  • Multiple DIN rail mounting holes for flexible mounting






RACOM M!DGE 3 cellular routers are primarily designed for SCADA & Telemetry applications at critical infrastructure like Power and Water Utilities and Oil & Gas. They are also well suited to many other applications where high reliability and 24/7 service are required, such as POS, ATM and Security.

Supporting applications such as…

SCADA & Telemetry, Utilities management, Oil & Gas distribution, Security/Surveillance, Early warning systems, POS, ATM, Lottery.

With features such as…

WiFi, SFP, OSPF, BGP, Babel, EN 61850-3.



The NOKIA 7705 SAR delivers legacy TDM and advanced IP/MPLS services making it ideal for industries, enterprises and governments and for niche applications in IP anyhaul networks.

Supporting applications such as…

Mission critical networks, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), security monitoring, workforce voice and data connectivity in offices or vehicles, mass transit, fleet management, and vehicle remote control and monitoring.

With features such as…

IP/MPLS Wireless Router. Layer 2 services with BGP-VPLS, BGP-VPWS. Layer 3 services with mp-BGP VPRNs. Serial RS232 transport with raw socket IP Transport services. Network Group Encryption and IPsec security.





Multitech MTR5 – From home to industrial settings, this compact, easily configurable router can be reliably deployed in a wide range of environments.

Supporting applications such as…

Paknet Emulation, DDNS, Remote Management

With features such as…

WiFi, GPS, Up to 32 concurrent IPSec VPN’s





The AVARA OAP800 family of cellular routers is a perfect fit for most industrial applications with a wide range of physical configurations available.

Supporting applications such as…

SCADA Monitoring, ADSL/VDSL Connection, Paknet Emulation, LV Monitoring

With features such as…

Full end-to-end encryption, WiFi, GPS, SFP Ports, DI / DO

Replacement Applications

PSTN Replacement

PSTN is used by utilities to retrieve telemetry data for operational and governance purposes whilst also providing remote access to SCADA and HMI systems.

Due to the rise in internet usage across the utility market, it has meant the legacy PSTN network is no longer a viable option for communicating voice and data. The Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN will reach the end of life in 2025, leaving Utility providers who utilise the network at risk of losing network visibility and management.

Because of this risk in collaboration with our OEM partner, we have formed a solution that seamlessly integrates within a PSTN network maintaining connectivity utilising cellular networks with support for fibre and DSL connection. We have also implemented end-to-end Encryption, SSL through GRE over IPsec, Stateful Firewall features and intelligent control/failover protection.


Paknet Replacement

Launched in 1990, Paknet provided a data-only network using cellular radios as endpoints. It was used widely for applications such as burglar alarms through to network monitoring on critical infrastructure.

Due to the age of the technology and upkeep costs, the current network owner Vodaphone took the decision to shut down the network by mid-2022 leaving subscribers to replace equipment or integrate a solution. In the case of some utility networks, this could be in the tens of thousands of locations.

To mitigate this risk we have worked closely with our OEM partners to develop a Paknet emulation feature providing a plug-and-play solution for integration into legacy networks, Replacing the Paknet link with a low-cost cellular solution.

Read our case study below to find out how we have supported UK Power Networks in their Paknet Replacement Programme.

Case Study


Cherry & White work closely with UK Power Networks on their critical infrastructure network across multiple contracts, which cover over 19 million people (8.3 million homes).
Together with our partners, we developed a cost-effective, reliable solution to replace outdated Vodafone Paknet Pads across the UKPN network. By integrating Paknet emulation onto a cellular router using UMTS/LTE networks, we seamlessly modernized their legacy SCADA equipment.

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Case Study

Western Power Distribution

We have supplied critical infrastructure network solutions to Western Power Distribution since 2005, and a close working relationship continues today.
Among the numerous projects we’ve undertaken for WPD, one of our key responsibilities was to enhance the resilience and security of their existing fibre optic network. This was achieved through a meticulously managed, multi-stage implementation process of upgrading their PDH and SDH networks.

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