UK Power Networks Case Study

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UK Power Networks are a UK Distribution Network Operator covering a geographical area including London, South East and East England which is over 29,000 square kilometres.  UKPN employ over 5,000 members of staff to ensure the best possible quality of service. UKPN are regulated by the Government body OFGEM and are a leading example in the drive for a cleaner low carbon future.  UKPN have also won Utility of the Year twice in four years. The area that UKPN is responsible for is made up of three former suppliers, Eastern Electricity, 24seven and LEB and SEEBOARD, which includes over 8 million connected customers.

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Cherry & White was approached by UK Power Networks to upgrade their current cellular router network to 2G/3G and 4G, also there was a requirement to provide UKPN with a DSL solution for their existing DSL infrastructure and an ADSL solution for their rented lines.

2G/3G/4G Intelligent Routers

Cherry & White was given the task to supply UKPN with a 2G, 3G and 4G router solution that would be able to allow connectivity from one cellular extreme to the other covering central London which has good coverage from 4G LTE all the way to north Norfolk or the Fens which some places have only 2G GSM.

Cherry & White provided UKPN with the MTR5-LEU2 router which is able to exploit the cellular LTE FDD, DC-HSPA+/HSPA+/HSPA/UMTS, GSM/GPRS/EDGE.  The MTR5-LEU2 is being used by UKPN to allow communication from their existing RTU’s across the cellular network, Cherry & White working closely with UKPN Engineering and the manufacturers research and development team were able to design and create a bespoke firmware image for UK Power Network’s needs.   The MTR5-LEU2 is able to intelligently communicate with an RTU whilst monitoring a secondary WAN link such as a satellite modem, and is able to transport this traffic to the correct path in the event of a failure, for example the router can send traffic from the RTU across the satellite link and in the event of the satellite link failing the router has the intelligence to send the traffic across the cellular network as a secondary WAN.

UKPN App Diagram Cherry & White Case Study

The MTR5-LEU2 can be securely remotely managed via SSH or HTTPS, and is also able to authenticate onto private RADIUS servers and APN’s.

G.SHDSL and Rented ADSL

Where UK Power Networks have existing copper wiring they approached Cherry & White for a copper modem solution.  For existing copper wiring Cherry & White provided UK Power Networks with the CopperWay-BIS-2TTX which provides a G.SHDSL, this is also beneficial for UK Power Networks where no cellular coverage is available.  The CopperWay-BIS-2TTX supports both SSH and HTTPS for secure management. For UK Power Networks rented lines Cherry & White provided UK Power Network with the VDPRD-I-4TTX-S which provides an ADSL+ solution, the VDPRD-I-4TTX-S also supports SSH and HTTPS for secure management. The G.SHDSL CopperWay-BIS-2TTX and ADSL+ VDPRD-I-4TTX-S interface into an Ethernet network with Layer 2 and Layer 3 hardened switches.

Below is an example of how the G.SHDSL CopperWay-BIS-2TTX is used by UK Power Networks.  With the ability for point to point and point to multi-point DSL applications.

UKPN App Diagram Cherry & White Case Study